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What is search engine optimization?

Well, to be absolutely accurate we should call this process web page optimization because we use optimization strategies on each web page to modify or optimize that page so that it will attract search engines. You, like most of the 391 million people who are now online, have probably typed a question or keyword into a search engine query box and received a list of websites that offer products, services or information (hopefully) related to that keyword. Each search engine that you query has its own formula for determining just which websites to list - and in what order.

The following are some of the optimization strategies we use to make your website stand out in the crowd:

  • Keyword selection. We'll help you select keywords that are appropriate to your product or service.
  • Page Titles. This is a very important area to address in attracting search engines. We'll optimize your titles to attract search engines.
  • Keyword density. Each page on your website will be analyzed to ensure that your primary keywords are in the most effective positions.
  • Graphics. Your graphic titles and html tags can be powerful optimization tools.

Once the initial setup is complete, we'll begin to submit the pages to the search engines as necessary. We NEVER do mass submissions to the search engines. This practice can often result in your site being dropped for spamming the engines. We employ only the highest level of compliance with search engine practices.

When the site has been fully submitted, we begin to track and monitor each page to determine its status with each search engine. You will receive regular, detailed reports (you can choose weekly, monthly or quarterly reports) setting out your website's ranking, by keyword, on each of the major search engines. This allows you to continually tweak and upgrade your website -- and thus increase traffic to your site.

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