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Google AdWords Campaigns

In addition to optimizing a website to make it attractive to the search engines, our marketing team is highly qualified to prepare and manage a Google Adwords Campaign featuring your products or services in highly visible position on Google's search result pages.

If you are confused about the difference between paid and organic (natural search results) listings, the screenshot below shows the placement of each listing. The organic, free, listings are on the left side of the search result page. The paid search ads are located on the right side of the page - and occasionally across the top of the left side.

Google Search Result Page

Google marketing studies have shown that advertisers found in both paid and organic listings are more likely to generate traffic and have greater credibility with potential customers.

There is no guaranteed way to get the top ad postion on the paid search ad side. The Google ranking system rewards well targeted, relevant ads, based on a combination of factors. WinningPosition's marketing team leader has satisfied the program requirements and gained status as a Qualified Individual in the Google Advertising Professionals Program. Our marketing team knows how to write well-targeted, high quality ads that generate traffic to your website.

Contact us today to discuss how we can create a Google Adwords campaign for your company.

Google Adwords Qualified Individual Certification

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